About Senegal 

Senegal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Africa, which is home to Dakar and Saint Louis, two dynamic cultural hubs. Senegal is also home to several diverse wildlife parks, including the Niokolo-Koba National Park, the Oiseaux du Djoudj National Park, and the Bandia Game Reserve.

Senegal is known as the land of “teranga”, which is the Senegalese value of hospitality, respect, and community. Visitors to Senegal are sure to experience a warm welcome on their arrival, as well as throughout their visit. 



Senegal has a rich and varied culture dating back centuries. Music and dance play an integral role, and distinctive traditional music such as Yela, the rhythms of which mimic the sound of grain being pounded by female villagers, is still practiced by many people in Senegal. 

In addition to its rich musical culture, Senegal is famous across Africa for the quality of its jewelry. Local artisans sell their exquisitely crafted gold and silver jewelry in regional markets all over the country, and the large amber necklaces traditionally worn by Fulani women are a common sight.


Best time to go

The best time to go to Senegal is during the winter dry season from November to March, when temperatures are marginally cooler and the Saharan harmattan wind blows away any trace of humidity. Our top things to do in Senegal include cruising along the Senegal River, which forms the border with Mauritania, and meeting Senegal’s many diverse cultures.


How many days do I need in Senegal?

Two weeks are our recommendation to visit Senegal. Dakar is popular as the capital of Senegal. Amazing wildlife, enchanting beaches, rich culture, and spellbinding islands attract lots of tourists to explore Senegal.


Things to do


Dakar: a town of pandemonium markets and endless energy. Or, look to the ports of Saint-Louis, which bustle with ships and Parisian-style arcades. Out in the wildernesses and Senegal has more treats for the traveler, ranging from the winding channels of the Gambia River to the shimmering beaches of the coast. Animals like hippos and hyenas all mingle here, while rustic communities continue to tick over.


Getting around Senegal

Taxi, taxi-brousse, taxi-clando, car-charette, and public transportation are all examples of taxis (cars rapides) SOTRAC (Société des Transports en commun de Cap Vert) maintains bus routes in and around Dakar, which is currently operated by a private business named Dakar Demm Dikk. Car rental is offered in Dakar (city and airport), as well as MBour and Saly Portudal on occasion. 


Health & Safety

All travellers must have a PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate issued by a recognised facility within 48 hours from the date of departure, in line with WHO guidelines. Yellow fever and Malaria vaccination certificate are required from travellers from risk areas. Furthermore, you should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover you while you are away.

Interesting places to visit in Senegal

Goree Island

Goree Island is one of the famous tourist spot situated on near the coast of the capital Dakar. It has a history of prominent slave-trading center. It is crucial place for African-Americans who visit it to pay their respects to the past of their ancestors.

Most visitors just come for the day, to relax on the beaches, stroll the sandy lanes of the village and have lunch in one of the waterside eateries, but there are several appealing guesthouses here as well.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, also well-known as Retba Lake, is a spectacular lake full of pink-purple color. It has known to possess large amount of salt content and unique species of bacteria.

Watch this spellbinding lake in the reflection of the sunlight offers you a stunning view. Drive for an hour to north from the capital Dakar to watch incredible salt harvesting.


Make sure you visit the Dakar IFAN Museum to watch outstanding collection of West African and Senegalese masks, amazing musical instruments, and remarkable statues. You can find this magnificent museum in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

In Dakar, you can also find some of the worth-visiting markets, such as many main markets and Marche de Tilene. Don’t miss visiting some of the stunning coastal beaches to enjoy swimming that you can find on the Ile de Madeleinea in the vicinity of this capital city.

St. Louis

St. Louis, also popular as Ndar, is a one of the oldest French colonial towns where most European squires resided. This fishing town comprises significant part of the main land and spreads out on a tiny island.

Make sure you visit the oldest church which dates back to the 1828 era in the Senegal here. Also, you can find a Muslim cemetery, where the net of the fishermen covers their grave of the respective net’s owner.

Cape Skiring

Cape Skiring is a well-known town situated on the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can find a fabulous seaside resort, golf course to play gold, and an airport.

Also, you can spend a leisure time by relaxing on one of the enchanting beaches in Africa here. Make sure you explore the white sandy beach adorned with eye-catching coconut palm trees.

Saloum Delta National Park

Don’t miss visiting the Saloum Delta National Park that streatches over 76,000 hectares in the western area of the Senegal. It features outstanding biodiversity.

You can find here fishes, various species of birds, savanna, and mangrove forests. One of the interesting facts is that this incredible park is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Senegal River

Another wonderful attraction that you should not miss when in Senegal is the stunning Senegal River. This majestic river flows covering over 1,700 km. The interesting fact is that this amazing river creates impressive fertile valley in the middle of the Sahel Desert.

Discover the historical significance of this exquisite river and how the river had been useful during the era of the traditional Senegalese living.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Are you a birder interested in discovering unique species of birds on you visit to Senegal? If yes, then make sure you pay a visit to the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary when traveling to Senegal.

This amazing park earns the fame of being one of the unique destinations possessing permanent source of water in the south of Sahara.

Guet N’Dar

Guet N’Dar is a busy sea town that you must not miss to visit when exploring Senegal. It lies in the south of the Saint Louis and well-connected to the sea. It is more popular as a fishing town.

Make sure you watch plenty of boats flowing on the waters of river and sea here and enjoy the experience of catching one of the fresh fishes from the river. Get to see the local culture of this town.

Responsible Tourism

Join us in supporting small independent businesses. Join us in staying at locally owned lodgings, shopping at locally owned businesses and in eating out at locally owned restaurants.

By traveling differently, you will be changing tourism for better!