Ojimah – a Co-founder’s Story

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Golden Chika Okafor - Ojimah

Growing up as a Nigerian, I was fortunate to attend world renowned institutions within and outside of Africa. I may not have struggled financially, but just like every African, I struggled with the misrepresentation and misconceptions about Africa by the rest of the world. This one-sided story has enabled a negative stereotype and perception that’s been associated with Africa for many decades.

The misconception that Africa is a country, Africa is dangerous, Africa needs help and Africa is corrupt. Misconceptions like this have continued to exist due to the lack of reliable data and stereotypes amplified by the media. This version of Africa has negatively affected the region, and I find myself educating non-Africans on the dangers of having a single story to define a continent, a group of people and their culture.

Over the years, I have imagined a world where Africans unite, where Africans can travel freely, sharing inspiring stories of one of the most resilient and hardworking group of people on the planet. Where Africans can share their own views, write their own stories ad define their own futures. This is what drives my passion about Ojimah.

Ojimah represents Hope. Hope for the 54 African countries, hope for women within the industry, hope for the local communities, hope for Africans in the diaspora and hope for our growing youth population. A continent blessed with natural resources, rich in culture and diversity is the side of Africa we want the rest of the world to know and experience. I am proud to be part of a platform that’s changing and rectifying decades of damage faced by our beautiful continent.

With access to flights, accommodations, experiences, destination guides, automated visa services, multi-currency e-wallet, airport lounges, travel insurance, e-sim and automated check-in, Ojimah is set to revolutionise tourism for Africa and the rest of the world.

Words – Golden Chika-Okafor (Ojimah Co-Founder & VP Corporate Communications)

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