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Mother Africa

It is no secret that news media in general (African included), tends to focus on the negative and not the positive. We have been told, “negativity sells”. Negativity bias is believed to be an evolutionary trait that can protect us from danger. But despite its survivalist origins, this bias can lead to a twisted perception of reality. As a consequence of this focus, success stories, development projects and growth in African nations are not given as much cover.

If you ask someone outside Africa how they imagine our continent, there will be no surprise on their answer! Unfortunately, Africa is looked with the wrong glasses on, feeding stereotypes and myths. 

Someone once told, “The media strategy when covering Africa is quite simple. They refer to the whole continent instead of determining the country. We do not hear “Europe” or “Oceania” or “Asia” in the news, but this is how the coverage of Africa works.” It is very important to remind everyone that Africa is bigger than the U.S., China, India, Japan, Mexico, and most European nations, combined. The continent has 54 countries calling it home, over 1,3 billion people (second largest population) and over 1.500 languages: it’s the most multilingual continent in the world. 

There are indeed many different and often positive stories to be told from Africa’s 54 diverse countries. But the continent currently has no microphone of its own on the global stage, no loudspeaker with which to tell its stories the way it wants them told. That simply won’t do!

By shifting the narrative and publishing stories of travel, human interaction, celebration, kindness and community support, we empower people to see what’s possible and encourage good behaviour. By showcasing stories of solutions, of transformation, and optimism, we are inspiring others to create change, by seeing and hearing that change is possible. 

We all make choices every day and the knowledge that positive choices can impact society is encouraging. Ojimah is here to show the world that this continent is a truly unique travel destination: it is safe, comfortable, and has something to offer to everyone. 

Africa is music, movement, knowledge, progress, love, tradition, strength, beauty, nature, power, wealth, health, humanity, history, unity, peace; in essence, Africa is LIFE. Wouldn’t it be great if the rest of the world got to experience these aspects first-hand?

With Ojimah we intend to put Africa on the global stage. But this time, for the best reasons!

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